Worlds Of Imagination - Stephanie McInnes
  Welcome to my Worlds of Imagination!
 My mind is where worlds, magical and otherwise evolve
  and the paper is where they are captured.
  So, be carried away into the Other Worlds and lands of faerie, and enjoy!

The magical worlds created by Stephanie are inhabited by fairies, faeries or fae folk as some like to call them, with goblin-like creatures and trees that can see, hear and maybe even move. Nothing is impossible in these magical worlds where the mythical comes to life.
The Other Worlds are based on the more mundane and somewhat frustrating world we see daily but portrayed as I see or would like to see them, and again the impossible can come into play, as you may see as you look at the some of the pictures in the Other World gallery.

About The Artist
Stephanie was born in Scotland but was brought up in rural Yorkshire and now lives in a Lincolnshire village, not far from the beautiful and historic cathedral city of Lincoln.
She is a self taught professional artist working mainly in ink and watercolours.
As her work has become known, demand for her drawings has increased dramatically. Her work has been finding its niche in prized collections home and abroad and also onto the pages of story books.
As a child Stephanie would spend endless hours drawing on any material to hand, from discarded envelopes while sitting on long train journeys to her Nana's house in Cornwall, to the margins of her exercise books at school.
She went on to study A level Art at Rosset Sixth form College in Harrogate, but declined to continue along the route of formal qualifications and decided instead to let her work develop naturally.
Humour plays a large part in her work, and observations of characters met in everyday situations are a constant source of inspiration and help to form the surreal, and often intense detail which is incorporated in her work. It is her attention to minute detail that means there is always something new to be discovered, even in a picture that has been viewed many times.
Stephanie has developed a distinctive style of her own, she has always had a deep appreciation of art, and has found inspiration in the work of many artists both past and present including:
L S Lowry, Graham Clarke, Brian Froud, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and James Christenson to name just a few.

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